Gerd Zimmermann


Areas Of Expertise

Automation technology, Material science, Power engineering

Mr. Zimmermann holds a diploma of physics and is a qualified European and German Patent Attorney. During his university years, Mr. Zimmermann specialized in solid state physics. After graduating, he worked as a research assistant in a low temperature laboratory where he constructed an electrical engine with superconducting bearings for driving a liquid helium pump. Mr. Zimmermann spent a year at the University of Paris where he conducted experiments in the field of sound transmission which involved carrier wave modulation. He has acquired expertise in electromechanics and the properties of new materials. During his career as patent attorney he has prepared and prosecuted many cases in the field of nanotechnology, medical technology, automation and electron optics. Mr. Zimmermann completed part of his training as a patent attorney at the German Patent Office, the Federal Patent Court and the District Court of Munich. For various companies he conducted assessments and visualizations of larger patent portfolios. Mr. Zimmermann has participated in numerous opposition and nullity proceedings before the German and European Patent Courts.

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