Dr. Thomas Schnelle

PhD (physics)

European Patent Attorney



Dr. Thomas Schnelle

Thomas Schnelle holds a PhD in physics and is a qualified European Patent Attorney. He is particularly active in the fields of semiconductor technology, measurement technology, railway technology as well as furniture technology, where he represents clients in examination, opposition, and appeal proceedings before the European patent offices, having almost ten years of experience in the IP field.

Thomas obtained his PhD in Natural Sciences from the Humboldt-University of Berlin (HUB). He studied physics with emphasis on solid state and statistical physics. During his work as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute of Biology of the HUB he developed with an interdisciplinary team methods for gentle handling and analysis of single biological cells using rf-electric fields in micro fluidic chips. Prior to joining our firm, Thomas worked on the development of an automated system for cell manipulation based on lab-on-a-chip systems in one of the leading German biotech companies.